“Look deep in nature and then
you will understand everything better”
Albert Einstein

I am an executive coach, a kasàlà poet and a herbalist.

As the manager of my own professional conference organisation company, I spent 18 years managing complex organisational projects. My clients were university institutions, governments and international scientific associations in various sectors.

Today, I coach individuals and guide group processes. The enormous curiosity about the uniqueness of every human being and the belief that through constant reflection, self-awareness and action, transformation is possible, drives me.

In 2017, the age-old African ritual of the Kasàlà crossed my path. I was immediately hooked because this artful practice is so movingly beautiful and so uncommonly powerful and connecting. This art has an enormous connecting potential also within organisations and companies.

I am also fascinated by rites of passage around death and farewell. I believe that when we connect to our mortality in a conscious and present way, it has the potential to bring us more in touch with who we really are, with each other, with our own nature and with that which is greater than ourselves – for the sake of a more loving and joyful humanity.

A kasàlà workshop in an organisation or company, for example as a team building, can be combined in a meaningful way with other rituals, with nature experiences or with creative elements. These help to create a context in which we can go completely out of our heads and connect with the essence and the greater whole.

“Ritual is not the sterile repetition of unchanging gestures, but the everlasting recommencement of something that is the same, yet indefinitely novel”
Françoise Héritier, antropologe