“The ego says; when everything falls into place, I feel peace. The heart says; when I feel peace, everything falls into place” ~ Marianne Williamson

What drives me is my passion for the magic of an organization’s culture and structure.

When is an organization at its best? Getting organizations to ‘flow’, be authentic and close to themselves is a constant search and an ever-recurring balancing act. What does an organization show in its ‘undercurrent’? And is it consistent with where the ‘uppercurrent’ wants to go?

And an organization is more than the sum of its parts (employees). Letting a person ‘flow’, in coherence with her deeper core is what also drives me.

I like to offer organizations and people the view from an external perspective, namely that of the (organization) coach, to learn to look at themselves. And as an organization coach I dance on 2 fronts, searching for the right tipping point between steering, structuring and organizing on the one hand, and letting go, trusting and letting things move organically on the other hand. Knowing that each system is intelligent and shows what it can and cannot handle. In other words, which interventions do you orchestrate? And when do you abstain to intervene?

Rituals are for me indispensable elements to use as an intervention in a change process and in organizational development, both in a personal transformation and in an organizational transformation.

I have +20 years of experience in HR, in various environments (from head office to plants) and structures (multinational and SME). My expertise is mainly in organizational design & coaching HR strategy, team development.

My qualities are:

  • feeling and intuning to what a group/team/organization needs;
  • Using my analytical brain and finding a common thread in the chaos;
  • creating a creative opening from various angles;
  • and applying structure from there.

You can contact me at: evelyne@noomly.be

Evelyne Debeuckelaer

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