Dette van Zeeland

“Let us remember that deep down within us there is this inner knowing about how this world can be led. In respect to nature, to each and every person, to life itself. ~ Dette”

Creating rituals and facilitating transformational change in organizations, holding the field and providing guidance during lifechanging experiences with the help of symbols, silence, imagery and collective wisdom… These things make my life energy flow and I like to pass on that energy.

Facilitation is holding space for each other, opening up to what wants to emerge and is expressed throughout different bodies and voices, listening in to the field and allowing magic to appear.

Working and being together is always a cocreation. The more we tap into our creative consciousness and collective intelligence, the more impressive the results. My own creative journey started as an artist, gallery owner and art director. Today my creativity is flowing in roles as organizational and (inter)personal coach, (train-the-)trainer and facilitator.

In my professional practice I facilitate deep transformation. On a personal level, but also in teams and organizations, I like to awaken the awareness and wisdom that is being held in different perspectives and polarities.

“Once you embrace polarities they are no longer polarized”~ Ozlem Sarioglu 

Looking at people, teams and organizations with a systemic lens and clarity, helping to unfold what wants to be seen, what wants to find balance, so we can contribute to the world from our true being and inner purpose. I love to guide groups to create safety and make full use of the potential that is present. There is so much energy to work with when we truly engage and exchange. There is so much more impact to make when we embrace our polarities and act from a sociocentric and ecosystemic point of view.

“We can only meet each other as deeply as we have met ourselves.” ~ Fia.


I like to meet you where you are. Let’s find out if my expertise in self organisation, systemic work, guiding inner processes, community and cocreation can bring you and your group to the next level.

I love to hear from you.

Dette van Zeeland
04 95 73 29 75

Dette van Zeeland

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Evelyne Debeuckelaer

“The ego says; when everything falls into place, I feel peace. The heart says; when I feel peace, everything falls into place” ~ Marianne Williamson

What drives me is my passion for the magic of an organization’s culture and structure.

When is an organization at its best? Getting organizations to ‘flow’, be authentic and close to themselves is a constant search and an ever-recurring balancing act. What does an organization show in its ‘undercurrent’? And is it consistent with where the ‘uppercurrent’ wants to go?

And an organization is more than the sum of its parts (employees). Letting a person ‘flow’, in coherence with her deeper core is what also drives me.

I like to offer organizations and people the view from an external perspective, namely that of the (organization) coach, to learn to look at themselves. And as an organization coach I dance on 2 fronts, searching for the right tipping point between steering, structuring and organizing on the one hand, and letting go, trusting and letting things move organically on the other hand. Knowing that each system is intelligent and shows what it can and cannot handle. In other words, which interventions do you orchestrate? And when do you abstain to intervene?

Rituals are for me indispensable elements to use as an intervention in a change process and in organizational development, both in a personal transformation and in an organizational transformation.

I have +20 years of experience in HR, in various environments (from head office to plants) and structures (multinational and SME). My expertise is mainly in organizational design & coaching HR strategy, team development.

My qualities are:

  • feeling and intuning to what a group/team/organization needs;
  • Using my analytical brain and finding a common thread in the chaos;
  • creating a creative opening from various angles;
  • and applying structure from there.

You can contact me at:

Evelyne Debeuckelaer

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Ewoud Monbaliu

I am Ewoud and I started the initiative Corporate Rituals. I did so out of a desire to combine knowledge and experience from my personal life with my expertise and network from my professional life.

Professionally, I am a partner at Levuur. As a consultant I guide organizations and governments in complex change processes. These complex change processes are about the transition to a more sustainable society. This is very much in line with my personal motivation & mission: how can I contribute to a healthy Mother Earth?

Like many I wrestled with life questions such as: who am I, what can I do for the greater good? I found answers in NLP, systemic constellations, emotional bodywork and so on. But the real breakthrough for me came when I came into contact with Frank Coppieters. That was in 2009. Frank Coppieters introduced me to shamanism in the lineage of his teacher Joska Soos, a Hungarian shaman. In 2017 I came into contact with Roel Crabbé. Through Roel I got to know Sandra Ingermann, Michael Harner and the whole tradition of Western shamanism.

As a logic next step, I became curious: what can this ancient knowledge mean for contemporary business management? By spreading my curiosity and sharing it with other consultants, the network Corporate Rituals came into existence.
+32 (0) 478 407 429

Ewoud Monbaliu

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Ria Verlinden

Ria Verlinden (°51), trainer, supervisor in systemic work and ritual work.

One of her  first teachers,the Shaman Joska Soos, left a deep impression. From origine Hongarian – living in Antwerp – he has a place of honor now in the Museum aan de Stroom / MAS.

The traditional healers in South Afrika gave a lot of dept and broad persepective in de more then 25 years she works and travels in the Mother Continent. Deeply gratefull to the Sangoma’s in Pretoria, Johannesburg and Cape Town:  Stan Lifschits, Mama Hilda, Mama Noluthando, Nomathongo Avumile – Debbie Bub, Sithem Biso, Zindi and others.

To respectfully connect to nature and our ancestors is precious to live live fully: personnally, intergenerationally and collectively.

Ria Verlinden

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Anne De Smet

“Look deep in nature and then
you will understand everything better”
Albert Einstein

I am an executive coach, a kasàlà poet and a herbalist.

As the manager of my own professional conference organisation company, I spent 18 years managing complex organisational projects. My clients were university institutions, governments and international scientific associations in various sectors.

Today, I coach individuals and guide group processes. The enormous curiosity about the uniqueness of every human being and the belief that through constant reflection, self-awareness and action, transformation is possible, drives me.

In 2017, the age-old African ritual of the Kasàlà crossed my path. I was immediately hooked because this artful practice is so movingly beautiful and so uncommonly powerful and connecting. This art has an enormous connecting potential also within organisations and companies.

I am also fascinated by rites of passage around death and farewell. I believe that when we connect to our mortality in a conscious and present way, it has the potential to bring us more in touch with who we really are, with each other, with our own nature and with that which is greater than ourselves – for the sake of a more loving and joyful humanity.

A kasàlà workshop in an organisation or company, for example as a team building, can be combined in a meaningful way with other rituals, with nature experiences or with creative elements. These help to create a context in which we can go completely out of our heads and connect with the essence and the greater whole.

“Ritual is not the sterile repetition of unchanging gestures, but the everlasting recommencement of something that is the same, yet indefinitely novel”
Françoise Héritier, antropologe