Crion: reconnection via team ritual

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Reconnection ensures clear DNA of Crion Insurance

Corporate Rituals’ ritual designed for reinsurance broker Crion was embedded in a team coaching process the team had been on for more than two years.

The day was all about connection. After all, as an organisation, Crion had had a challenging time, with people leaving and choosing a different path, new people joining the team, and a member of management facing an aggressive illness. In addition, the team was facing a move, which meant many would leave after 25 years of service.

So getting together had enormous value, and Corporate Rituals was asked to guide the team for the day.

Four Crion employees and two Corporate Rituals colleagues co-created the agenda with different rituals for the whole team. Thanks to the internal review during this process, participation in the day was widely supported within the organisation.

The magic of the day put us on the same page in no time.

Jean-Louis Coppers, Managing Director Crion

ON the road together

In September 2022, about 15 Crion team members experienced a ritual day together. After the start, a walk in duos took place with various resting points where personal objects helped to look back on the past period. The themes discussed, and an exercise based on the 5-stream model encouraged us to look ahead. Everything came together in a final exercise in which Crion’s DNA became very clear and got its place.

The day provided reconnection. Thanks to the slowing down process, the DNA of the organization and the common connection around it became clear very quickly.

In addition, as a result of this day together, the team realised they needed rituals to mark transitional moments. Later, for example, attention was also paid to the inauguration of the new workplace.