What is a ritual?

For centuries, rituals have marked significant moments of transition - connecting people to themselves, each other and all living systems. They make space to pause, give recognition and guide meaning, even in the workplace.y

Our approach

A Corporate Rituals Facilitator takes on several roles. Together with the team, the Facilitator guides the preparatory process. Where relevant, we jointly design the ritual and the process before and after it, paying attention to connection and safety. Thus, together we link the appropriate form – actions, words and stories, symbols – to the reality of your workplace or community.

During the ritual, the Corporate Rituals Facilitator forms the energetic anchor creating a safe field that keeps the group present and engaged. Our facilitators are experienced corporate consultants and organisational coaches from various industries. This ensures that we understand and speak your language. The Facilitator leads the ritual but will also guide the participants through the (often inner) process. In addition, the Facilitator will guide and monitor the energy.

Before and after, coaching or other process guidance may be appropriate.

Never underestimate the power of a good ritual.