Ria Verlinden

Ria Verlinden (°51), trainer, supervisor in systemic work and ritual work.

One of her  first teachers,the Shaman Joska Soos, left a deep impression. From origine Hongarian – living in Antwerp – he has a place of honor now in the Museum aan de Stroom / MAS.

The traditional healers in South Afrika gave a lot of dept and broad persepective in de more then 25 years she works and travels in the Mother Continent. Deeply gratefull to the Sangoma’s in Pretoria, Johannesburg and Cape Town:  Stan Lifschits, Mama Hilda, Mama Noluthando, Nomathongo Avumile – Debbie Bub, Sithem Biso, Zindi and others.

To respectfully connect to nature and our ancestors is precious to live live fully: personnally, intergenerationally and collectively.