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Brilliant Conversation: The place for Elders in your organisation

25 februari 2023 om 10:00 - 12:30

We at Corporate Rituals have a special place for elders in our organisation – do you?
Elders are critical in transmitting wisdom and knowledge while keeping the organisation humble and focused on its purpose. Join Ria Verlinden and Anna Zanghi for a brilliant conversation on intergenerational roles in organisations with a particular focus on the roles of elders.

Each Corporate Rituals Facilitator has her own teachers. It is important to continue to connect with these resources. Elders are given an important place in the organization at Corporate Rituals. Because they no longer have anything to prove professionally, they hold up a mirror to us in terms of spiritual integrity. In this way, we also honour intergenerational thinking within corporate management.

Ria Verlinden

Ria Verlinden is an international trainer, supervisor in systemic, gestalt and ritual work. She was trained in the South African sangoma tradition. Her teacher in Shamanism was Joska Soos. The Hungarian native of Antwerp who deeply impressed her and has a place of honour in the MAS. The traditional healers in South Africa gave deepening and broadening in the 20 years she worked there and developed herself. Honouring the elements of nature and developing awareness around ancestors/predecessors is dear to her. Both in personal development, intergenerational vision and collective consciousness.

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25 februari 2023
10:00 - 12:30
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