Ancient Wisdom for New Times

True leaders know the power of rituals.

A good facilitator knows how to use this power meaningfully in a contemporary, professional and respectful way.

Who we are

Corporate Rituals is an international network of organizational coaches and business consultants who shape rituals in the workplace or community. We help teams and communities mark significant moments of transition and process difficult and complex events. We create more connections between people and answer purpose-related questions from ancient wisdom.

Corporate Rituals helps organizations and communities celebrate, connect, change & process. Corporate Rituals helps inspire leaders to create movement and bring ideas to life.

We co-create and guide rituals tailored to your organisation, event, or community. Our contribution can be one-time or form a longer journey. Our Corporate Rituals Facilitators come from diverse sectors, have relevant corporate experience, and speak your language. We usually work on a customised basis, but you can also choose from our basic offerings.

Elders and academics explore with our Corporate Rituals team how rituals & Ancient Wisdom add value to companies and communities.

We share insights from our practice through training, keynotes, and events. We are happy to do this for your event or organisation as well. We organise network meetings for organisational coaches, business consultants, and executives who want to use rituals to restore or strengthen harmony in organisations & communities.

What we offer​

Facilitate change and mark key transition moments

Change is accelerating today, both in society and in business. A ritual helps consciously mark change, initiate it, and welcome it. By standing still and slowing down, a ritual ultimately accelerates the flow of change by connecting us to the natural cycles of life.

Help your team or community process a challenging event.

An unprocessed event can cause colleagues to lose motivation, go into burnout, or leave the organisation, causing personal pain and loss of energy, time, and money. Rituals help process and heal collective trauma. The power of ritual helps release and transform so that there is room for renewal again. By allowing the flow of life to resume and discharge tension, peace, and trust get restored in the workplace.

Create more connection and strengthen your corporate tribe

Good interpersonal relationships are crucial to any thriving community or team. Rituals help shape or strengthen corporate culture. They bring team members closer together and give individuals a place (again) in the group, especially in a hybrid context. Rituals weave new, healthy threads within and between teams.

Create buy-in for climate awareness, Conscious Business & ESG issues

ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance. New EU vision and regulations are pushing companies toward greater sustainability. Employees are more loyal and motivated when their employer takes a socially responsible approach. At the same time, this requires new ways of working and thinking. How do you get your employees on board with this? Rituals put the hassles of the day on hold and create awareness of how we are part of a greater whole. 

Develop and anchor the values & purpose of your organisation

Work defines our social identity. Everyone wants to live a meaningful life. As a leader, you want to demonstrate that your organisation is socially relevant. As a leader, you want the organisation's deeper reason for existence and foundation infused and evident in all aspects and links. A ritual ensures that everyone knows the greater meaning of their efforts, which boosts connection and engagement.

Add depth to festivities, events and congresses

"Life is a ceremony in itself," according to the Greenland Elder Angaangaq. Rituals shape life, including that of your organisation. Every organisation has specific ritual moments. The launch of a new product, the New Year's party, the annual conference or customer event, the departure of a colleague, an anniversary or birthday... A ritual compresses emotion into symbolic language and creates extra depth and meaning.

Why we need rituals

Rituals are found everywhere, on all continents, and at all times. Wherever people come together in groups, there you will see rituals. Humans are essentially ritualistic beings. Through rituals and symbols, we relate to the painful and beautiful events that give life meaning.

Rituals have been magical accelerators for change since time immemorial.

Rituals help restore balance or strengthen harmony.
A ritual helps create meaning.

In any community, including organizations, rituals give strength and depth to moments of celebration, connection, change, processing, and healing. These intentions connect the individual and the collective.

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Corporate Rituals is a rapidly growing international network of coaches, consultants, and process facilitators from many different sectors. In a contemporary, professional, and respectful manner, we employ ancient knowledge as nourishment for lively companies, organisations, and communities. We are supported by a Body of Elders representing diverse wisdom traditions. We are constantly developing and growing due to meaningful events and in-depth training, and we welcome you to join!

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