Ancient Wisdom for New Times

True leaders know the power of rituals.

A good facilitator knows how to use this power meaningfully in a contemporary, professional and respectful way.

Who we are

Corporate Rituals is an international network of organizational coaches and business consultants who shape rituals in the workplace or community. We help teams and communities mark significant moments of transition and process difficult and complex events. We create more connections between people and answer purpose-related questions from ancient wisdom.

Corporate Rituals helps organizations and communities celebrate, connect, change & process. Corporate Rituals helps inspire leaders to create movement and bring ideas to life.

Rituals as marking moments of transition in organisations
Mark important transition moments in your organisation or community

A ritual helps mark, initiate, accelerate, and welcome change - because nothing is more natural than change. A ritual helps connect back to the natural cycle and evolution of life.

Rituals as healing for collective trauma
Help your team or community process a difficult event

A ritual helps release and transform. Restarting the flow of life where it was blocked often creates peace and trust.

Rituals as meaningful community/team building
Bring your team closer together

A ritual helps form a community. A ritual allows each individual to find/gain their place back in the group.

Rituals as nourishment for ESG issues
Connect to deeper values and the bigger picture

A ritual puts the hassles of the day on hold - you enter a timeless space as a group and connect with something higher. This perspective gives an overview of new directions and insight into the next steps.

What we offer

A ritual strengthens or restores balance. Each ritual enables the next step. Sometimes this means new beginnings or restarts.

Why we need rituals


Rituals are found everywhere, on all continents, and at all times. Wherever people come together in groups, there you will see rituals. Humans are essentially ritualistic beings. Through rituals and symbols, we relate to the painful and beautiful events that give life meaning.

Rituals have been magical accelerators for change since time immemorial.

Rituals help restore balance or strengthen harmony.
A ritual helps create meaning.

In any community, including organizations, rituals give strength and depth to moments of celebration, connection, change, processing, and healing. These intentions connect the individual and the collective.

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Corporate Rituals is a rapidly growing international network of coaches, consultants, and process facilitators from many different sectors. In a contemporary, professional, and respectful manner, we employ ancient knowledge as nourishment for lively companies, organisations, and communities. We are supported by a Body of Elders representing diverse wisdom traditions. We are constantly developing and growing due to meaningful events and in-depth training, and we welcome you to join!

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