Strengthen your team and corporate culture

Good interpersonal relationships are crucial for any thriving team.

Hybrid working creates new challenges. Even in times of growing speed in change and complexity, you want to keep your colleagues maximally engaged.

Humans are essentially ritualistic beings. Wherever people come together in groups, you see rituals.

Rituals and symbols express our mutual relationships.

Even though we may not always be aware, this also applies to your organisation and team. Just think, for instance, of the way we greet each other. Corona showed us the importance of greeting in person or celebrating together.

Rituals help shape and strengthen company culture. They bring team members closer together and give individuals a place (again) in the group. Rituals weave new and healthy threads within and between teams.

How we work

We create
more connection in your team through the power of an appropriate ritual. We
graft these onto the more significant moments in your organisational cycle. Co-creation
ensures we find the appropriate language/form right away. We provide immediate
ownership & capacity building among those people who (can) have an impact
day to day.


We also look at the smaller and everyday ritual actions. We help initiate and automate these so that they become part of the organisational culture. We often reflect with you on dealing with behaviour that gets in the way of the desired corporate culture. Even then, rituals can be a vehicle to bring the flow back into a team or organisation.


Designing and guiding rituals

Designing and guiding rituals for the larger key moments where we celebrate, anchor, connect, and deepen as a team.

Advice and training

Advice and training on how to anchor the desired corporate culture with smaller, daily ritual acts

"One of the building blocks in Base Design's organisation are three rituals.
On Monday morning, everyone comes to the office and shares their three challenges of the week, professional or personal. We also share whether we met our challenges from the week before.

On Wednesdays, there is a second meeting, which lasts about an hour. It is led each time by someone else on the team. The only question everyone has to answer is, "How are you doing? For management, these meetings bring grateful information to the surface. It is of innumerable value when you know that your team's energy level is not doing well.

The third ritual is culinary, looser, and more informal too. Every fortnight, a colleague cooks for the rest of the team. You are not allowed to bring anything take-away; the dish has to be homemade."

Thierry Brunfaut, Creative Director & Founding Partner van Base Design in De Tijd (2/12/2022)