help your team cope with traumatic and difficult events

Every organisation faces internal tensions and major events.

Often this is due to a death, an unresolved merger, conflict, or toxic leadership.

Sometimes it is about sensitivities that arose in previous generations of a (family) business but continue to impact today. We still receive many enquiries from organisations that Corona has impacted.

Unprocessed events lead to stress, burn-outs, or departures.

Teams stop functioning or go into open resistance, causing further personal pain and a growing loss of motivation, income, and productivity.

How we work

Our specialised team helps process and heal collective trauma with rituals so your team can move forward healthily again – with decisiveness, confidence, and resilience.

We work tailor-made and in co-creation in a suitable form to face the collective hurt. Step by step, we build a safe and appropriate foundation in which a ritual is powerful and effective. We offer quality aftercare to the energy released by the ritual.


Process and ritual guidance for teams and organisations

Process and ritual guidance for teams and organisations to process traumatic events with the healing power of customised rituals.

Support and education

Support and education to employees in shaping trauma-healing rituals for their team and organisation.

Guidance for organisations whose operations often involve crisis and trauma

Guidance for organisations whose operations often involve crisis and trauma. Such as police, justice, detention institutions, army, and care institutions.

This is what our satisfied clients say

"Corporate Rituals organised a ritual for our organisation to give a place to the trauma surrounding Corona but especially to take some time to reflect on ourselves. The exercise with the timeline gave many colleagues insight into what was going on over the past two years and enabled us to place the (sometimes intense) emotions. Slowing down and reflecting brings people closer together: there is more understanding and insight into the behaviour that some people showed in the past. The use of symbols gave the ritual an important added value and enabled us to say goodbye to what has been and look hopefully to the future."
Kristien Bruggeman
Lab director

Our experienced ritual, trauma, and process facilitators guide your team or organisation safely and professionally.

Discover the team specialising in Collective Healing Rituals here.

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