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We co-create and guide rituals tailored to your organisation, event or community.

Highlight important key moments & support your change journey

True leaders have an eye for people and relationships. Creating connection at key moments creates motivated colleagues and loyal customers.

We mark special moments such as birth, marriage, and death in our personal lives with an appropriate ritual. Teams and organisations also have such key moments – a merger of teams, a colleague’s farewell, a different way of working, a new phase or refreshed mission, a move, a new management team, and the need to reconnect with each other. Often, key moments are part of a change process.

Climate change is becoming critical for more and more companies. You want to leave a positive legacy as a CEO, an ESG or CSR manager, or B-Corp and climate change consultant. At the same time, you clash with the delusion of the day. How do you get everyone on board? How do you ensure the appropriate corporate culture? How do you combine long-term thinking with short-term action?

Engage your colleagues on sustainability issues

Anchor your deeper values & purpose in the organisational DNA

Employees who know they are doing meaningful work are more motivated and loyal. Everyone wants to live a meaningful life. Work determines a large part of our social identity. A powerful sense of purpose provides a clear compass for setting goals. They are about the ‘why,’ about the contribution to society. When your colleagues experience the values and more profound reason for existence, you boost their connection and commitment.

Good interpersonal relationships are crucial for any thriving team. Hybrid working creates new challenges. Even in times of growing speed in change and complexity, you want to keep your colleagues maximally engaged.

Strengthen your team and corporate culture

Help your team cope with drastic events

Organisations experience internal tensions and significant events that lead to stress, burnout or departure. Our rituals help teams heal collectively, restoring motivation, revenue and productivity. Strengthen your team with decisiveness, confidence and resilience.

Every organisation has its special moments. Launching a new product, the New Year’s party, the annual congress, an anniversary, a customer event… Budget and time usually exist for these. Rituals increase returns: more connection, depth and involvement.

Add extra depth to your event, congress, or celebration

Ensure processing and connection in your community

Communities and governments seek connecting answers and ways to approach disruptive issues such as pandemics, climate change, inequality, diversity, and colonisation. The intense times we live in require moments where we connect as a community and process difficult experiences and emotions together. That, too, is caring for people, caring for your community. 

A good facilitator knows how to use the power of ritual meaningfully. Through rituals, you can reintroduce a sense of community in organisations and companies. We teach you how to do this yourself in a contemporary, professional and respectful way. In doing so, we gladly share our knowledge and practical experience.

Getting started yourself through training

Our basic offer

Our offer ranges from a basic low-threshold but powerful ritual to a fully customised one designed for your situation. An intake meeting ensures that these rituals are tailored to your needs. These rituals can also be part of a fully integrated and co-creative process. Discover the Fire Ritual, the Medicine Wheel and the Kasàlà.