Add extra depth to your event, congress, or celebration

Your organisation has specific ritual moments.

A new product launch, the New Year's party, the annual congress, an anniversary, or a customer event.

Budget and time are provided for these. Rituals create an extra return: more depth and involvement.

How we work

A ritual is a compressed emotion in symbolic language. It creates extra depth and meaning.

Co-creation provides the appropriate language and form to turn an event into an unforgettable celebration that stays with everyone


Co-creation and coaching

Co-creation and coaching in the development of events, up to the creation of scripts and the guidance of the moment

Powerful and professionally performed rituals

Powerful and professionally performed rituals that add a deeper layer to special moments and provide extra connection

"Corporate Rituals' professional and participative approach culminated in a fine collaboration that led to a beautiful connecting ritual, stretched like a rainbow across the day and the different worldviews. An absolute added value!"
Gert Tielemans
Flemish Government
“You created a harmonic space where we had a great flow of energy, balance and openness.”

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