Ensure processing and connection in your community

Communities and governments are looking for connecting answers

to disruptive issues such as a pandemic, climate change, inequality, dealing with diversity, and colonisation.

The intense times we live in require moments where we connect as a community.

How we work

As experienced process facilitators, we co-create with your community to shape a collectively supported ritual. In doing so, we consider the participants’ cultural and religious backgrounds. We have an eye for beauty and, if required, provide appropriate professional art in images, dance, and music.

"By recognising that collective trauma affects us all. Recognising that the collective is not separate from the individual and vice versa. In this way, together, we can create a future that can heal the past."

Thomas Hübl, Ph.D., international teacher and expert author on collective trauma

"Society is looking for a new balance between achievement and well-being. The essence is caring for each other."

Psychiatrist Dirk De Wachter


Supporting governments and communities in healing social issues

Supporting governments and communities in healing social issues such as inequality, colonisation, dealing with diversity, Corona trauma

Supporting organisations whose operations often deal with crisis and trauma

Supporting organisations whose operations often deal with crisis and trauma. Such as police, judiciary, detention institutions, military, and healthcare institutions.

This is what satisfied clients say about us

"Our city was also deeply affected during the corona crisis. The whole community was overcome by immense grief. Something that always helps is talking to each other. With the Onument, our city will have not only a symbolic but also a real place for this."
"It was very nice to make prints of the tree with Lies and her friends. It was the first time we had done this. We also talked about the tree. We got to make the paint and paint the tree with it. Then we put the canvas on the tree and rubbed it with stones or our hands. Our print was beautiful. It was a giant print. It was nice to be allowed to carry this to Lies' house. We were allowed to come to the opening of the exhibition. Our print was hanging up there. We were proud to be there. We were like real artists. We definitely want to do this again (or something else)."
residents of Alvinnenberg
a home for differently-abled adults

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Our experienced ritual, trauma, and process facilitators will guide your team or organisation safely and professionally. Some of them, as artists, will take your community ritual to a whole artistic level.

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