Engage your colleagues on sustainability issues

Climate change is becoming critical for more and more companies.

You want to leave a positive legacy as a CEO, an ESG or CSR manager, or B-Corp and climate change consultant. At the same time, you clash with the delusion of the day.

How do you get everyone on board? How do you ensure the appropriate corporate culture? How do you combine long-term thinking with short-term action?

Myths, symbols, rituals, and indigenous wisdom offer innovative tools and insights. They help you look with new eyes at your mission and values, products, and services.

They support you as a leader and believer in leading the way. The power of direct experience engages your colleagues, customers, and stakeholders more profoundly. This is how we translate ESG and SDG frameworks into underlying corporate DNA and culture.

How we work

Behavioural science points to the power of reframing, wonder, and social relationships.

We help you harness this power through appropriate rituals, symbols, myths, and nature experiences. Thus, a broader awareness of community & time grows. We support and empower frontrunners through in-house training and a leadership programme.

"The future of IKEA? Think long-term, two hundred years ahead."

Ingvar Kamprad, founder IKEA


Facilitating change processes and cultural change

Facilitating change processes and cultural change with appropriate rituals, symbols, myths, and nature experiences

Learning from the future

Learning from the future. We anchor corporate values in short-term action from the deeper 'why' and 7th-generation thinking.

Leadership programme

Leadership programme where you are inspired and empowered in a safe context of peers

New storytelling

New storytelling by applying the power of stories and myths, symbols and metaphors in your narrative

"The 7th generation ritual was a highlight of the conference for me. It was a well-guided, very personal, and impressive experience that I still think back on regularly. It makes you feel part of the time. It nurtures a sense of responsibility, encourages taking action, and simultaneously was a beautiful, quiet moment in time that gave a deep sense of peace."
Prof. Dr. Lars Moratis
Chair in Management Education for Sustainability & Professor of Sustainable Business, Antwerp Management School & Breda University of Applied Sciences

What satisfied customers say

 "ESG reporting requires a cultural change to get everyone in the company to see such a thing no longer as an additional task or burden, but as part of an effort that companies have to make in the broader context where the environment and climate are not doing well. People need to understand the why of such reporting."

Pierre Henri Dhaene (head of sustainability at Elia) in Trends

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