Highlight important key moments & support your change journey

True leaders have an eye for people and relationships.

Creating connection at key moments creates motivated colleagues and loyal customers.

We mark special moments such as birth, marriage, and death in our personal lives with an appropriate ritual.

Teams and organisations also have such key moments.
A merger of teams, a colleague’s farewell, a different way of working, a new phase or refreshed mission, a move, a new management team, and the need to reconnect with each other.

Often, key moments are part of a change process.

How we work

Corporate Rituals help to mark key moments in your organisation. With powerful rituals, we create more connection within your team, with clients, and with your community. As we support ownership and involvement by all those impacted, we encourage a co-created approach so that the language and form used align with the concrete situation and the people participating.

Besides profound, transformative rituals or ceremonies, we also look at small, everyday ritual acts. We help initiate and implement these so that they become part of the organisational culture, thereby creating more flow toward a desired corporate culture or purpose.

At the Global Developers Conference in 2002, Steve Jobs performed a funeral ceremony to convey a clear message and support the emotional farewell to Mac OS 9. Steve Jobs placed a box containing the Mac OS 9 into a coffin hoisted onto the stage. He placed a rose on it and waved it goodbye. It was clear to the developers in the room that there was no turning back.


Shaping and guiding important turning points in your organisation

Shaping and guiding important turning points in your organisation

Supporting your change journey

Supporting your change journey where your team can connect more deeply with the transformation process.

Advice and training

Advice and training on how to use smaller, daily rituals to anchor the desired change in your corporate culture

Our satisfied customers

"These are those moments necessary to start the journey more consciously and more strongly connected in the direction we set together with the regional and general directors."
Chris Claes
CEO VECO international
"The ritual quickly unfolded into a powerful medium that brought us very close together as a team at a crucial and unique moment in the history of our organisation."
"The magic of the day made us aligned in no time."
"Everyone really enjoyed zooming in on the past, present, and future in this way and getting to know each other better, with depth."
Agnes Wené
CEO Vogelbescherming Vlaanderen

"People do not change their minds by hearing rational facts, but by processing these facts in a different way."

David McRaney, author of 'How to change an opinion.'

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