Ewoud Monbaliu

I am Ewoud and I started the initiative Corporate Rituals. I did so out of a desire to combine knowledge and experience from my personal life with my expertise and network from my professional life.

Professionally, I am a partner at Levuur. As a consultant I guide organizations and governments in complex change processes. These complex change processes are about the transition to a more sustainable society. This is very much in line with my personal motivation & mission: how can I contribute to a healthy Mother Earth?

Like many I wrestled with life questions such as: who am I, what can I do for the greater good? I found answers in NLP, systemic constellations, emotional bodywork and so on. But the real breakthrough for me came when I came into contact with Frank Coppieters. That was in 2009. Frank Coppieters introduced me to shamanism in the lineage of his teacher Joska Soos, a Hungarian shaman. In 2017 I came into contact with Roel Crabbé. Through Roel I got to know Sandra Ingermann, Michael Harner and the whole tradition of Western shamanism.

As a logic next step, I became curious: what can this ancient knowledge mean for contemporary business management? By spreading my curiosity and sharing it with other consultants, the network Corporate Rituals came into existence.