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Intergenerational Panel: How do you bring intergenerational wisdom to life in the workplace?

27 September 2023 om 19:30

Elders are critical in transmitting wisdom and knowledge while keeping the organisation humble and focused on its purpose.

They are its foundation, repository of values, and its memory.

They bring a different perspective of time and space to the workplace, operating at the pace of the soul and not the pace of the brain.

With more and more organisations now having four generations represented in the workplace, harnessing the wisdom that elders can bring to intergenerational collaboration and co-creation is an essential and courageous conversation for organisations and communities to have.

Join our panel of international guests for this International Conversation on 27 September 2023 @ 19:30 CET :

  • Paul Tolchinsky – Managing Partner, Performance Development Consultants, expert on organisational structures and designing meaningful workplaces
  • Ria Verlinden – Elder at Corporate Rituals, systemic & leadership consultant, and trainer
  • Mosiwa Malula – Deliver.org Project Coach and Trainer
  • Deb Peluso – Director, Strategy Alignment and Architecture Practice Centric Consulting

The panel will be hosted by Anna Zanghi from Corporate Rituals, with an introduction from Corporate Rituals Founder Ewoud Monbaliu.

Get to know our panel of international guests

Dr Paul Tolchinsky

Paul has been consulting to major public and private corporations worldwide for over thirty-five years. He has extensive experience creating and implementing business strategy; managing and facilitating large system change efforts; new plant design and entrepreneurial start-ups; and redesigning and restructuring organizations. He is an internationally known pioneer in developing Whole-Scale™ (Whole System) Approaches to change and the founder of the European Organization Design Forum, a pan-European community of organization design practitioners. He co-authored Unleashing the Magic in Organizations: The Whole-Scale Approach and Unleashing the Magic: A Toolkit (2000) and is a global keynote speaker and guest lecturer across all continents.

Ria Verlinden

Ria is trained in Gestalt, systemic work, and the wisdom of the Sangoma (traditional South African healer); she integrates these into the client leadership programs, training courses, coaching and rituals that she runs with individuals, teams, organisations, and communities across sectors in different places in the world (Eastern and Western Europe, Southern Africa). Ria is one of four in the group of Elders guiding the Corporate Rituals team and its clients in honouring and integrating ancient wisdom.

Mosiwa Malula

Mosiwa is a young South African facilitator, trainer and coach who pioneered a youth club called the Help Increase Peace and Positivity Club and now is a project manager for the NALEDI youth leadership project. He has over 15 years of experience facilitating conflict resolution, gender reconciliation, leadership, learning constellations and traditional rituals in European and African countries, including with South African prison inmates. His day-to-day slogan is “Change your thoughts, and the world around you changes”.

Deb Peluso

Deb is a strategy, organizational design, and transformational change professional with 22 years of experience working with leaders at all levels to build healthy, vibrant, and productive organizations. She is currently a National Practice Lead for Centric. Deb’s career background as a cognitive scientist, researcher, project manager, organizational consultant, and entrepreneur enables her to bring holistic, practical, and relevant solutions to bear for her clients.

Anna Zanghi

Anna is a strategy, leadership and transformation advisor/coach with 30-plus years of multinational business experience, passionate about innovating and shaping corporate cultures, leaders, and their teams for sustainable and impactful futures. She focuses on conscious, holistic leadership and innovative work practices. At Corporate Rituals, she works with corporate clients to co-create and facilitate rituals helping leaders and teams reconnect to meaning, purpose, and inner wisdom.

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